Feeling overwhelmed with business options + advice? Walk away with strategies, confidence & clarity.

Let's Build Your Dream Business Together

I have the Blueprint for your Success

As a Certified Entrepreneurial Coach, I help busy Female Entrepreneurs drown out the noise of overwhelming options and advice on how to run their business.

I give my clients practical steps to push their business forward. Don't waste time & energy trying to recreate the wheel when I have already been where you are now.

My clients walk away with targeted strategies that shorten the learning curve, ensure clarity and confidence, and rapidly accelerates their business journey.

More About Me

Nikki Peters

Are you a Female Entrepreneur lost in the noise of overwhelming options and advice?

Are you tired of comparing yourself to others in your field & wondering why you haven't reached their level of success?

Are you struggling to find time for business-building activities while managing the demands of your daily life?

Stop trying to recreate the wheel and let me help you build the business of your dreams.

Let's Build Your Dream Business TOGETHER!

Join forces with me and experience:

  • A rock-solid foundation for your business.

  • Actionable strategies to push your business forward.

  • Unshakable confidence in your business decisions.

  • Mastery of time management.

I understand the challenges of building from the ground up because I have been there too. I have personally run two successful businesses since 2012 and have coached hundreds of other entrepreneurs along the way.

I taught myself everything I needed to run these businesses with good old fashioned Google, a ton of grind, and a strong personal goal to retire from Corporate America before the age of 50.

Building a business is similar to building a house. It requires the right tools, a solid foundation, and most importantly, a clear plan.



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Lori M. NY, NY

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Larry K. Phoenix, AZ

Step 1: Foundation Laying: Stop the overwhelm. It all begins with a simple call, I will be ready with a tool kit and a warm smile. This first step is crucial, as it sets the tone for establishing a good mindset and building trust for our collaboration.

If we are already friends and you know that I am the coach for you...You can also skip the discovery call and jump right in with picking your coaching package.

Step 2: Blueprint Designing: Get Clarity! Together, we'll review where you are, where you want to be and figure out what your ideal business looks like. It's about setting achievable goals that align with your vision and customizing that perfect plan for you.

Step 3: Time to Build: Get busy! Armed with a tailored blueprint, build your business with precision and purpose. I provide you with real strategies, no fluff, to help you turn your confusion into a well-structured plan. I am going to help you transform your vision into reality.

Unlock Your Sales Potential...

As a fellow business enthusiast & a coach dedicated to empowering women like you, I understand the challenges you face in sales conversations. That's why I'm thrilled to share something special with you – an eBook that could revolutionize your sales strategy: "Closing the sale." A Step-by-Step Guide for Women Entrepreneurs. This isn't just any eBook. It's filled with my proven strategies & insights tailored to help you:

--> Boost Your Sales: Learn how to close deals more effectively and consistently.

--> End Ghosting in your Conversations: Discover techniques to keep potential clients engaged & committed.

--> Take Control of Conversations: Gain confidence in steering discussions to favorable outcomes.

--> Attain Peace of Mind: Walk into every sales conversation armed with a solid, well-practiced strategy.

Imagine the empowerment of entering each sales conversation knowing you have the tools to succeed. That's what this eBook offers – a clear, concise roadmap to transforming your sales approach and achieving the growth you deserve.

Not Quite Ready for Personal Coaching? No Problem. Navigating the world of business can be overwhelming, and the thought of 1/1 coaching can sometimes feel intimidating, especially for those starting their entrepreneurial journey.

I understand that investing in personal coaching might not be the right step for everyone right away. That's why I am excited to introduce a more approachable option – My Business Builder Blueprint, my comprehensive digital course designed to demystify the complexities of business growth and scaling.

If the idea of diving into individual coaching feels like a leap, take a comfortable step forward with my course. It's a self-paced journey, allowing you to absorb the knowledge and skills needed to elevate your business, all at your own pace. When you purchase a coaching package you get my course + launch Library (13 digital products) + my Business Builder Planner for FREE!

  • Affordable Learning: Get access to valuable insights without breaking the bank

  • Self-Paced Flexibility: Learn on your schedule, fitting lessons into your busy life.

  • Complimentary Coaching Calls: Still craving personal guidance? Enjoy two free coaching calls as part of the package.

  • Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs for shared learning and growth.

Don't let intimidation hold you back. Embrace the empowerment of self-paced learning with The Business Builder Blueprint. It's the perfect starting point or an ideal next step on your journey to business mastery. And for a limited time, when you purchase my course you will get my entire launch library for FREE.

Access My Powerful Resources


Whether 1/1 coaching feels like a leap or my comprehensive course is a bit beyond budget, I have you covered with budget-friendly digital products. Dive into actionable guides, resourceful tools, & specialized products ready to teach you exactly how to create, automate, market, & earn profit in the online world as a total beginner.

Affordable & instantly accessible, my digital products ensure that every entrepreneur has the tools necessary for success. These are my top 3 that I would recommend to get started.

You can also purchase my entire Launch Library at over 60% off and jump right in.

Step 1: Learn

My 70-page E-book: Create, Launch, Automate, Market. - 40 videos, 7 email templates, chat GPT prompt, free lead magnet templates + more.

Step 2: Brainstorm

Digital Product Planner. Discover your unique skills + passions & turn them into profit. Nail your name, find your niche, & price your offer.

Step 3: Optimize

My Social Media Planner. Set up your optimized accounts. Learn how to create a high-converting bio, & track your metrics to know what works.

Have you ever wondered...

How some individuals manage to earn supplementary income from home, spending 1-3 hours a day on their phones? As a former 9-5er, and totally burned out from the corporate world, I understand the struggles of balancing family needs with the desire to contribute financially. With expenses like bills, groceries, the desire to travel and to want more out of life, it's natural to seek additional avenues of income. The key is doing so without adding more to your plate or wishing there were more hours in the day to chase those goals.

I have been asked by MANY to share my tips and for years my response has always been "I just figured it out." Well, guess what? I am ready to share some of my secrets. Starting with my eBook "A beginner's guide to earning passive income. Let me know what you think of page 7 when you read my beginners checklist. XO, Nikki

What can I expect on one of your calls?

When you book your first call, I will send you a onboarding form. This allows me to assess your business experience and get ready for our first call. These calls are entirely for you. You can come to the call with a specific topic, problem or question and we can work on that together. That is the coaching side of what I do. Or you can come to the call with zero agenda and we can work through my Business Builder Framework. That is the consulting part of what I do. At the end of the day this is your time and you will always set the pace and the tone. I am here to support you.

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What are the topics covered in your Business Builder Framework?

Coaching topics are personalized based on your individual business expertise, business background, current setup, and aspirations. While the foundational fundamentals outlined here provide a starting point, it's crucial to understand that our coaching sessions are not limited to these aspects. They are designed to encompass a diverse range of topics, ensuring that the guidance and support offered align seamlessly with your unique needs and objectives.



-Time Management

-Finding your target market

-Deciding your core product or service


-Branding vs Marketing

-Intro to Canva

-Where do you want to sell?

-Who do you want to serve?



-Leveling up your sales process

-Upsell/Closing the sale




-Lead magnet

-Digital Products

-Expanding your business (thinking outside of the box with other streams within your niche)

-Email Marketing

-Nurture Campaigns

-Taking your customer service to the next level

-Customer retention

-Repeat sales






-Basic information on turning your business into an LLC or SCorp

-Vendor Events

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There are so many coaches out there. What makes you different?

This is a great question. Because I was you back in 2012. I had a dream to do more, have more, be more. I didn't entirely know what that would look like at that time. I struggled...for YEARS. I had several ideas, implemented many, failed at most and mastered some. I spent thousands of hours (and dollars) trying to figure out how to build a successful business. I wish I had a business buddy back when I was getting started.

Who knew that there was actually a pretty basic blueprint to start, build and scale a business? I felt many times through my journey that I was recreating the wheel. I don't want you to have to recreate the wheel. Let me teach you what I have done to get me to where I am at today.

I also have struggled in the past getting overwhelmed with how much NOISE is out there. All the emails, offers, courses, influencers, uplines, family members that want to tell you what you should be doing. I don't want to be another person who part of the noise. I want to help you cut through that noise. I am going to let you in on a secret. They are all right! Yep. I said it. You can find evidence with what every single person out there is telling you is right. But is it right for you? You can find evidence that TikTok is where it is at. You will also find evidence that Instagram is where it is at. There is evidence that social media works and there is evidence that you can build a business with zero social media. Everyone is right. But is it right for you? That is what I want to help you sort through.

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What kind of coach are you?

I am a hybrid coach. I do a combo of Coaching and Consulting.

Coaching is designed to help you see the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward in your business. While a consultant gives you action steps to help you move your business forward.

I specialize in working with Female Entrepreneurs who need help drowning out the noise of all the things they THINK they should be doing. And help them take actionable steps to move the needle forward in their business.

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Why did you start coaching?

I have personally run two successful businesses since 2012. I started my entrepreneurial journey as a Postpartum Doula while also working in a corporate 9/5 job. I didn't have a college degree.

I had zero business background, and zero experience with websites, branding, or marketing when I started that business. I WAS determined to trade my corporate burnout for time freedom.

My second business was formed in 2018. I actually started it while working 4 other jobs. So when I tell you that I can help you with time management...I mean it! I was BUSY.

I retired as a Doula after the pandemic and went ALL in as a Certified Scalp Specialist. In 2023 I found that I really was passionate about helping people and decided to get my certification as a Mindset & Life Coach. While I still happily work with clients to get them obsessed with their hair, my real passion has been working with social sellers like you to get you closer to your goals.

I wanted to take the time to slow down, and really look at how I was able to make my businesses successful so I could teach others how to do the same.

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How long are your calls?

Each call is 50 minutes

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How often do we meet?

That is entirely up to you. We can meet once a week, several times a week or every other week. You set the tone and the pace. However, I have found that coaching is most effective when you hold a regular schedule to maximize your success and accountability. I most often recommend that you do a once a week schedule.

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I can't afford one on one coaching. Is there any other way you can help me?

I also offer a Business Builder Blueprint Digital Course on how to grow or scale your business. It comes with two complimentary 1|1 coaching calls, a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and a once-a-month mastermind call. You can always add on additional 1|1 calls as needed. However, this is over 200 lessons of all the core fundamental steps that I go over in my 1|1 coaching calls.

I also offer several digital products that are the most affordable way to dive into starting your own digital business for the most budget friendly option. You can purchase my entire Launch Library at over 50% off for the most affordable option.

Lasty, I also do free group coaching over in my Social Sync Community. This is the all in one business platform I own for social sellers like you. It's a $99 monthly fee. You get a whole business in a box where you can host your website, email campaign, text messaging, calendar, and more while also getting access to three group coaching sessions a week. Check this program out here www.socialsynccollective.com.

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Do you offer discounts?

I do free group coaching over in my Social Sync Community. This is the all in one business platform I own for ambitious entrepreneurs like you. It's a $99 monthly fee. You get a whole business in a box where you can host your website, email campaign, text messaging, calendar, and more while also getting access to three group coaching sessions a week. Check this program out here www.socialsynccollective.com.

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What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy:

1. No Show: Clients who fail to show up for a coaching session without prior notice will be charged the full session fee (or use up a session if under a coaching package).

2. Late Cancellation: Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the scheduled coaching session will incur a fee equivalent to 50% of the session cost (or result in the next session to be reduced to 30 min if under a coaching package).

Please note that I appreciate your understanding in adhering to these policies, as they enable me to maintain a consistent and effective coaching schedule. Thank you for your cooperation.

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How do I know if coaching is right for me?

Coaching with me is for...Someone who is treating their business like a business. Someone who has a product or service of any kind and wants to start or scale a business. Someone who does not have a product or service but would like to start a business. Someone who is open to constructive criticism and is willing to put in the work. Someone who wants more out of life and doesn't even know where to start. I am the one to work with!

Coaching is probably not for someone who is treating their business like a hobby. Someone looking to get rich quick. Someone who is not coachable, not open to feedback, and is not willing to put in the work.

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I heard you are also a Certified Hair loss Specialist.

That is correct. I am a double certified hair loss and growth specialist through USTI & AMCA. If you want to learn a little more about that, head over to my about me page.

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