Feeling overwhelmed with business options + advice? Walk away with strategies, confidence & clarity.

A little about me, I live in this really cute town in Oregon. I am a wife, mom of two boys & an angel baby girl, and a Certified Entrepreneurial Coach! I'm super ambitious, spontaneous & a little spicy! I have been referred to as "blunt & sympathetic in one boss bundle." I'm a country girl who has become a a little bougee & I rarely have a filter.

I have personally run two successful businesses since 2012. I started my entrepreneurial journey as a postpartum doula. I didn't have a college degree, I had zero business background, & zero experience with websites, branding, or marketing. I taught myself everything I needed to run that first business with good old fashioned Google, a ton of grind & a strong personal goal to retire from Corporate America before the age of 50.

I WAS determined to trade my corporate burnout for time freedom & be fully independent. Every year I met with my financial counselor, he would chuckle & literally roll his eyes at me when I told him I would retire before the age of 50. My husband would just laugh & say “yeah...she's not joking”.

At the young age of 39, I was able to make that dream fully come true. It's been a wild journey with a ton of highs & a whole lot of lows. I have always been told I pick up on things quickly, my brain moves fast and I have a hard time explaining how I "just figured it out."

I'm on a mission to empower female entrepreneurs to discover their confidence and dream bigger. I'm committed to removing any obstacles hindering your success. That's why I've curated a coaching program, a self-paced course, digital products, and a platform for fellow entrepreneurs like me (check it out here--> www.socialsynccollective.com). As someone who has struggled to reach their own chapter 20 in business quickly, my coaching is designed to fast-track your own journey a whole hell of a lot quicker.

I have been supporting my fellow entrepreneurs since 2020 with my online multi-vendor events. It's a gratifying avenue through which I provide ongoing support, coaching, and contribute to the continuous growth of other businesses.

Did you know that I am also a Certified Hair Loss Specialist + Postpartum Doula? That is what led me to be qualified to help you with your business goals.

I am no longer working as a Doula but I do still sling shampoo. I am double certified through USTI® & the AMCA. I primarily work with women who have goals to regrow their hair with a focus on scalp health. If you would like to chat more about your hair goals you can start by filling out a free hair consultation.

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